lil photoshop experiment in between packing

Oz is very excited for hallow’s end you see— it’s the only time of the year she switches pastels for darker tones to feel extra festive


"Warchief!" The voice was female, at once both musical and cold.

Sylvanas Windrunner, former high elf ranger-general and now the leader of the Forsaken, rose and gazed at Garrosh with intense glowing eyes. “The Alliance may indeed not send reinforcements. Not at once, at least. They will turn and vent their wrath instead upon those of us in the Eastern Kingdoms—my people and the sin’dorei.”

She looked at Lor’themar almost imploringly. The blood elf leader’s face remained impassive. “Varian will march on my borders and destroy us!” The comment was addressed to Garrosh, but she continued to stare at Lor’themar. Baine felt for her; she was hoping for support from one who might reasonably be expected to give it, and finding none.

— Christie Golden, Tides of War


Lunch-hour doodle of my pandaren hunter, Kai, and his best buddy.


The baddest bitches Blizzard games has to offer (warning; bitches may not actually be as bad as advertised. Contains retconning. Consult a gamer before emotionally investing in said bad bitches)

A finished design from »this« sketch. This is the first in 2 different variants I’ll be producing for the design. The second will be screenprinted by yours truly and available for preorder in the future.




beastlyart sent me a high-res file of this beautiful portrait she painted of Ivy so I could get it printed!

It’s about 12X16in. The picture is kinda grainy and washed out and has camera flash, since it’s the middle of the night, but rest assured it looks terrific.

Aaaa that looks so cool! I love how it looked all framed up and stuff. Thanks for sharing (and hanging!).