there WAS going to be a war crimes comic with jaina’s inner monologue about anduin finding a friend his own age, but / w \


I had decided to find a spot to finish typing up my MRP when a low level Blood Elf and a Forsaken had stumbled upon my hiding spot. I daresay I might have startled him. Can’t imagine why…

(I laughed so hard at this, all I heard was the creaking of the door and him immediately backing up, yelling that at me as he buggered off XD)




anyone know the source? So cute.

Reverse image search suggests it’s an official comic, but not which one. Tmirai? Any WoW fans in my followers?

It’s not an official comic, but a fan comic that was featured on the website and in one of the print magazines a looooong time ago. I remember seeing that artwork when I first started playing WoW like in
'04. I can't find the source though, unfortunately. It's always been one of my favorites.


WoD - Garrisons, Machinima by Nixxiom

Pretty much how I HOPE I’ll feel about Garrisons..

I’ve literally done nothing but run around the world on my new horse all evening