"Bring that here!" (from Cas)


The music was blaring. As Vire looked around at the flashing lights and crowd of people dancing, he could feel the rush of the booze mixed with those pills the guy in the bathroom gave him. He had to dance, he HAD to dance.

"Bring that here!"

Looking over his shoulder, Vire spotted Cas on the dance floor, eyeing him up carefully. Eh, why not, he was only here for the dancing. As he started to make his way over to Cas, grooving to the beat, Cas looked…a bit surprised.

"Uh, Vire, I was talking about my drink. It was on the table next to you…"


Stress relief doodle.

"Knock it off!"



Heavy and sluggish with drink, Eru laughs heartily at Vire’s protests from beneath him. “Knock what off?” He asks in a light voice, staring up at the sky as he steadily squishes the breath out of the thin man on the ground. Vire’s protests at being squished and how his plate armor was going to bruise him fuzz into vague noises he only barely deciphers. “Hey,” he slurs, “do you remember when you walked in on me about to suck Cas’-“

"Get /off/ of me!"



Quickly catching up after a holiday! Commission for zelujin of-… Zelujin! 

World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition - Box Art


A little something for a special someone. ♥

Thanks for coming back, fluffy <3



someone on the WoW beta manage to trigger a bug which filled his base with an infinite number of respawning skeletons, which followed him to the graveyard when he died and won’t go away even after he’s been killed repeatedly, abandoned the quest which summoned them, and logged out and back in again, so he’s trapped as a corpse until it is fixed


world of warcraft finally replaced with superior game “infinite skeleton hell”

happy pirate day~

cas and eru celebrated in normal fashion

“In Quel’Thalas, there are trees that tower over these in a glory of white bark and golden leaves, that all but sing in the evening breezes. […] I think you would enjoy visiting an entire land where magic is so much a part of the culture. Not just a part of the city, or confined to a handful of elite, educated magi. Magic is the birthright of every citizen. We are all embraced by the Sunwell.”