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♐ fights

Cas moves with calm precision while fighting, preferring to stay at range and focus his targets down with accuracy. A bow and arrow are always his weapon of choice. He’s not one to gloat or boast on the battlefield, he just tries to bring down the enemies as swiftly as possible while ensuring everyone stays safe.

He can be rattled if he sees his friends in trouble, though he still tries to maintain his composure so that he can help them instead of panicking. His animal companions aid him during close-quarters combat since he’s not as skilled in that manner of fighting.


Speedpaint of a Dreadsteed with green fire because I really like the look of it, I myself haven’t been able to beat Kanrethad to get it just yet but I will eventually.


30 Day WoW Challenge
Day 8: Major City

The glorious Silvermoon City has been home to the elven population of the Eastern Kingdoms for millennia.


Don’t hide or try and deny me. You’re already in too deeply. Just accept me. Embrace me. 


Art for zgrok ~!!! Its been a while since I’ve done a bigger thing like this, I feel rusty ^^;;. Bigger size here

♦ kisses :y

♦ kisses

Cas is inclined to give intense kisses. They’re passionate and heated; he’ll press his mouth to the other person’s almost roughly, sometimes biting at their lower lip or licking in possessively, even growling a bit deep in his throat.

He can also be tender, though. For those he’s more gentle and yielding, placing his hands on the sides of the other person’s face and and closing his eyes into the soft press of lips. He’ll often smile affectionately into these and glance up fondly between kisses.